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Contains Proven Personal Results for USSR Demise (1984 - 1989), Welfare Reform (April 1995), Also Medicare/ Medicaid/Healthcare (In works April 9, 2001 - Present), Elderly Rights to life and tax saving/Terri Schiavo (August 27,2004), Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators (May 23, 2005), Illegal Imigrants (April 7, 2006), Suicide Bombers (April 22, 2007), Greenhouse Gases, Population, Education, Ethanol Hoax, Religion Compatibilities (January 4, 2008)

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USSR Demise

Welfare Reform

Medicare/ Medicaid/ Healthcare

Elderly Rights to Life & Taxes

Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators

Illegal Immigrants

Suicide Bombers/Iraq

I Sued 22 Lawyers and WON!

Population, Greenhse. Gasses, Education, & Religion

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Elderly Rights. These Solutions were sent to all governors, The President, and Congress.

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The following solution came out several months before Congress and the 

President flew in to try to save Terri Schaivo.  People could not figure how both 

Democrats and Republicans flew back to Washington and joined together 

almost simultaneously to try to save her.  I recognized some of the 

phraseology of my letter in their press statements.  I saw a problem and 

petitioned my government to solve it.  By the way they subsequently tried my 

idea for day care in elderly care facilities with success.


                                                                                                  Franklin R. Lacy



                                                                                                  ( )


                                                                                                  August 27, 2004

President George Bush

The White House

1500 Pennsylvania Blvd.

Washington, D.C. 20500

Subject: Enclosed Cost Effective Solutions to Save Seniors’ Lives Involving 

Simple State and Federal Changes in Addition to Supplemental Information 

on My Previously Submitted Medicare/ Medicaid/ Healthcare Solution.


Dear President Bush,

Solution 1.

This is a cost effective solution for our senior citizens to ward off 

their running out of money and giving up on life because they don’t want to be a burden

on their families. Elderly citizens are rapidly losing their net worth primarily due to 

income tax including tax on inflation, inflation itself, and regular living expenses. The 

solution is to let all senior citizens have tax free interest and dividend income.  

Surely the government can wait until a senior dies before it takes up to 55% in 

inheritance taxes rather than take taxes on very meager interest and dividend income 

while the senior is alive. Does any law maker know how long an individual senior will 

live? What net worth that a senior has must be made to last until his/her passing. 

Please don’t tax away his net worth. Tax free bonds are not the answer. When interest 

rates go up, it is normally due to rising inflation, yet the senior is locked into very low tax 

free interest rates that cause net worth to be eroded by inflation. Meanwhile 

municipalities are borrowing at higher interest rates on new loans for additional needed 

funds. When interest rates go down, municipalities pay off the higher interest bonds by 

selling lower interest rate bonds. In other words, tax free bonds are a bad deal for 

seniors because they eventually grind senior citizens’ interest income down to the 

lowest interest rates ever regardless of the inflationary current interest rates being 

offered on the open market. It seriously robs net worth.


Take my situation, for example (I know the math because I have a degree in physics 

and could have had a degree in math with one more term of college). In our productive 

earlier years, my wife, Pat, and I usually worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to 

scrimp and save. We did not take trips. We bought used furniture and used cars when 

needed. We only had one child by choice. All of this was to be able to provide for 

ourselves comfortably in our retirement. Most other people lived beyond their means 

before retirement and spent everything they made. Then when they get older they 

expect the early scrimpers and savers to give up net worth to support them. I am 67 

years old. Our only income is $609 per month social security and 2 ½% average returns 

from dividends and possibly stock appreciation, which has been non-existent over the 

past several years. 1% to 2% of that 2 ½% goes to inflation, and the IRS was taxing me 

on the whole thing including inflation at up to 33% (.8% of the 2 ½ %). I get to live on any 

excess dividend income or my net worth and return on follow on years becomes 

diminished. With these dollars (including bogus inflation dollars being taxed), I will lose 

net worth. I need the tax cut on dividends! Better still, we seniors need no taxes on 

dividends and interest. Currently 68% of every income tax dollar goes to social 

"entitlement" programs (‘take from Peter to pay Paul’). I know because I looked it up on 

the internet. That is way too much. That means if someone is paying 33% taxes, then he 

is tithing by force 22% of his gross income to pay others (2/3 of 33%). This is on top of 

other taxes that do the same thing such as sales and property taxes. There seems to be 

a trend for everyone to vote for benefits up the kazoo as long as someone else has to 

pay for them. Those who did not provide for their old age and spent every dollar they 

made only deserve a very modest subsistence standard of living in their later years. We 

should also have students taught in schools to adapt a plan of civic responsibility. They 

should be taught to be true to themselves by saving for retirement and not be frittering 

away invest able early years’ income and then expect to live off their fellow retirees who 

sacrificed in earlier years so as not to be a burden on their government and families. 

Unless you can tell me how long my wife and I will live as individuals, don’t have me pay 

taxes on dividends and interest. Instead, wait until I die for your large inheritance taxes. 

You will possibly collect a lot more taxes through inheritance by increasing the likelihood 

that a larger estate will be left by me. Otherwise you run the risk of those like me having 

their net worth in 2004 dollars wiped out and our being on the public dole.


Solution 2.

We are killing off our elderly prematurely by depriving them of food 

and water. At least this is true in Kansas. A better way is to require healthcare workers 

to provide food and water to all unconscious patients for at least 4 months to allow the 

body a chance to heal itself and recover. My Dad had signed a statement (with 

encouragement) to not take heroic efforts. He fell out of bed at night while trying to go to 

the toilet. I am informed that this is a chief cause of senior patient death because of the 

high beds and low maintenance hard floors. He was unconscious and then came out of 

unconsciousness and was very lucid, but the health care providers would not provide 

food or water because he did not ask for it, and it was not offered him. He got weaker 

because of lack of nourishment and went back into unconscious from time to time 

before his kidneys failed from lack of water, and he passed away. I learned this very 

late in the process. An offspring living in that town had power of attorney, which was 

given by my dad to pay local bills. I was informed that my Dad had to wear adult diapers 

while unconscious, and the offspring would not want to live that way, so that is the 

reason they gave for following the dispatching course of action. This offspring had an 

incentive for inheritance and to not have to be time burdened. The nursing home my 

dad was in was run by a church, which sold non-resalable buy-ins to get in and had an 

incentive for turn over. They wanted to sell more buy-ins for over $70,000 each. We 

need all states to have a law that requires unconscious patients to be provided with 

food and water for at least 4 months to allow bodies a chance to heal themselves and 

recover. We should also require all senior beds with mattresses higher than 18 inches 

(chair height) to have timer controlled lowering of the mattresses to 18 inches above the 

floor at night. This will prevent a large cause of senior deaths.


Solution 3.

On April 9, 2001 and again in March 2004, I wrote my 

Medicare/Medicaid/healthcare Solutions. I held back on the full plan in 2001 because I 

wanted you to come up with the missing information and be able to leave your mark on 

the system. Some of you contacted me before the 9/11 crises and got the additional 

held back items from me. I won’t tell who they are because the real glory should go to 

you implementers. In addition to the Visa type cards used by the insured, I was 

advocating electronic approval of doctors’ and other medical treatment via telephone 

without forms to fill out and the approvals become income tax credits thereby providing 

the best of care for all Americans. As explained, there would also be limits to prevent 

individual physician abuse. This went out to all U.S. Senators, all governors, an equal 

number of U.S. Representatives, and the three major AMA offices and a few others.


Some of the things I left out that I verbally communicated to callers follow. All state 

medical insurance policies are generally required to have exactly the same wording for 

the same product between insurance companies. This is a requirement so consumers 

can successfully shop around and compare prices. Have the insurance companies 

have a single payer office for all of them that can be called in by physicians and 

charged to using an insured’s standardized Visa type card. The approved coverage 

would allow the funds to be electronically transferred into the physician’s medical bank 

account. There would be tremendous savings because there would be no 

paperwork for the billing or forms to fill out. The insurance companies can 

weed out any fraud by comparing and tracking individual patient and physician 

treatment compared to the average. It would prevent a redundancy of coverage 

and abuse by individual patients. The insurance companies will baulk at it first, but 

they will rapidly warm up to it when they can see the savings after it is working. They 

will be able to track individual patient and individual physician charges across 

all policies to weed out fraud. The only ones with a legitimate beef are those 

insurance companies who want to bilk the system by dragging out payments and 

forcing suites. These companies should be weeded out anyway. If the insurance 

companies won’t set up a single payer office, then the insurance commissioner’s office 

should set it up and require them to comply. If all the states did it in concert, then the 

insurance companies can’t threaten to avoid certain states that are advocating this

Senator Kerry advertises that this approach will save up to $350 billion dollars.


Old people care facilities should have day care facilities for the residents who are 

capable to watch over kids after school while the low-income parent(s) are working. 

These elderly people are given pets to help them have meaning to their lives. How 

about kids? Those elderly, who are able, can adapt the responsibility for one child and 

read to and mentor him/her with quality life experiences. The child will adapt a 

grandparent-type quality attachment and experience. Then as the child grows older 

there becomes a role reversal with the child helping out the adapted grandparent and 

giving him/her quality time and care including being read to. This saves day care 

expenses and eventually provides better quality elderly care at no cost. There becomes 

a caring and empathy across generations. The elderly will have a renewed interest in 

life and require less medication. The child will develop a sense of self-esteem and 

caring. Some seniors at these facilities stay mentally alert until close to the end.  

The alternative is to go on like we are with the elderly being warehoused and given 

more drugs if they complain because it is cheaper than hiring staff. I have seen this take 

place with my own out-of-state parents at a so-called top facility. It is much better to 

encourage interaction between generations and have elderly living facilities 

interspersed throughout society rather than have a clustered warehousing facility. 

Medical treatment facilities should also be structured to handle a full range of care for all 

the ages rather than specialize in one age group. Surely our laws and perks can be set 

up to encourage this. It is heartening to know that some of these ideas are already 

being implemented. Hopefully my writing this will develop a larger consensus and get it 

adapted as efficiently and quickly as possible. This is not to say you should tear down 

buildings that have already been constructed. It is a plea to gradually trend toward a 

better way in your future planning.


                                                             Very truly yours,


                                                              Franklin R. Lacy








Solving social problems is much like solving physical problems.   I list all the 

parameters (considerations) and weight them in importance of impact on the 

problem.  Then I come up with the best overall solution.  It is easy for me.  



I have been asked why I don't run for President.  The answer is I don't have 100 million 

dollars.  I have been married to my darling wife for 47 years, and we have one child 

(born in the back seat of our car) and one grand child.  My age is 69 years, but my 

Mom and Dad lived for 89 and 91 years, respectively.  I have a proven record of 

bringing solutions together and convincing sufficient numbers to support them.  I am 

tenacious and tireless in this effort.  After working up to 17 hours a day, 7 days a 

week, I have enough funds to live on the rest of my life from age 50.  At that point I 

semi-retired, and I have been giving of myself by solving social problems. 


My thoughts are to form a non-profit corporation so any money spent or collected 

toward the support of social solutions will be tax deductible.  The money would be 

very efficiently utilized to support a candidate that will be best suited to solving this 

country's problems in the future whether it is Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary

Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or someone else.

Where are the solutions these career politicians have contributed while

in office?  Promises alone are empty.  Is it just one or two leadership accomplishments

over the past 20 years or is it on-going? The Presidency isn't for people who have

a lot of experience doing very little. I am not in office and have verifiably solved quite

a few national and international problems and gotten both parties to implement them.

Isn't that what true leadership of our government is all about?