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Contains Proven Personal Results for USSR Demise (1984 - 1989), Welfare Reform (April 1995), Also Medicare/ Medicaid/Healthcare (In works April 9, 2001 - Present), Elderly Rights to life and tax saving/Terri Schiavo (August 27,2004), Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators (May 23, 2005), Illegal Imigrants (April 7, 2006), Suicide Bombers (April 22, 2007), Greenhouse Gases, Population, Education, Ethanol Hoax, Religion Compatibilities (January 4, 2008)

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USSR Demise

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Elderly Rights to Life & Taxes

Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators

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Suicide Bombers/Iraq

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Medicare/Medicaid/Healthcare. These Solutions were sent to all governors, The President, and Congress.

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There is additional information under Elderly Rights.  My style is to hold back on part of the solution so that the elected officials can add it in and thereby claim authorship.  Solutions will pass more quickly if an official claims it as his/her own.  They will want to add their mark on it anyway, so by leaving off some obvious things for them to add, they won't mess up the solution too badly.  It's called finesse.  In addition, by leaving out some of the solution, I can write again supplying part of the missing information in case the implementation bogs down.  I have been very successful using this technique.  John Kerry advertised that this solution will save 350 billion dollars (2004).  President Bush said 21% savings for the government.  I understand that they are now requiring all doctors to be computerized.  Hopefully this is a start toward implementation.  Please note the state letters below.  The states are responsible for administering Medicaid.

                                                                                               Franklin R. Lacy



                                                                                              ( )


                                                                                               April 6, 2001

President George Bush

The White House

Washington, D.C. 20500

SUBJECT: A Medicare/Medicaid Solution that is Simple, Less Expensive, More Effective

Dear President Bush:

You might remember me from my successful promotion of the VISA-type welfare empowerment cards now being used by all 50 states in lieu of food stamps. I started promoting this Welfare idea to Congress in April 1995 together with other welfare reforms that were eventually adapted. I made up hundreds of sample plastic VISA-type cards at my own expense and sent them to all Senators and about 150 U.S. Representatives. I eventually sent my welfare reform ideas and sample cards to all the governors, but by that time Congress was well involved with implementing many of my suggestions. I was trying to get everyone informed and on board as soon as possible.

Here is my Medicare/Medicaid Solution. Allow Physicians, Pharmacists, and Hospitals to be paid for Medicare/Medicaid patient services through tax credits restricted to a percentage of their other income. A patient would present his Medicare/Medicaid card, and it would be electronically approved and recorded via the telephone lines just like a VISA charge. There would be no forms to be filled out by the service provider except at tax time. If the service provider went over the allowed percentage, it would carry over to the next year. There would be a uniform excellence of service for all patients regardless of economic background because all doctors would be eligible and tax credits will shrink their estimated tax payments. Fraud would be eliminated and it would be self-policing except for the IRS audit process and except for all charges being known by the federal government in advance much like other income is tracked. A summary of credits allowed could be sent to each provider at the end of the year.

A provider would be naturally prevented from committing fraud because he must have other income to provide the allowed percentage of income for credit. No provider would be allowed to milk the system by fraudulently specializing in Medicare/Medicaid. No provider would want to waste his allowed credits on patients who are trying to abuse the system with a lot of needless requests for care. The allowed credit percentage would be set initially by the government based on the historical average annual costs per paying patient times the number of Medicare/Medicaid participating patients divided by the number of providers divided by the average provider adjusted gross annual income times 1.05 (to allow for uneven geographical demand).

Where are the savings? Before Medicare/Medicaid, physicians' offices consisted of the doctor and one other nurse/assistant. Now doctors must hire five people just to keep up with all the forms and paperwork. Others in government are receiving these forms and paperwork and processing them. That is a HUGE non-productive waste! With my proposed system, there will be none of this. The doctor receives approval via the telephone just like VISA cards. Computers keep track of everything with minimal human intervention. When the doctor or other provider receives approval, the approval slip could contain a tally of the provider's credits to date, the percentage they represent to the prior year's income, and his allowed maximum percentage in addition to the details of the current approval. In addition the patient's history of charges and services can be brought up automatically to prevent patient abuse. I understand that before my and Governor Thompson’s various welfare reform solutions, two out of three welfare dollars were spent on overhead and fraud. If these same figures apply to Medicare/Medicaid the savings should be huge and allow room for prescription drugs. It is long overdue to have the Medicare/Medicaid system brought into the 21st century with effective computer use. I have been in computers since the vacuum tube computers of 1960, so I know it can be efficiently done.

I proposed this idea to a number of physicians. They all enthusiastically supported it.

It is also time for the Federal Executive to create a new Secretary of Information Systems cabinet post, which would streamline the use of human services data processing. 2/3 of our Federal Income Tax Dollars go to human services. Let people who are computer literate provide the appropriate computer services and report directly to the President. Now we have department heads who could well feel that the measure of their success is the dollars they spend. This does not lead to efficient government, and potentially fine programs go begging and taxpayers pay far too much because of the entrenched waste in the system. My former Welfare Reform ideas and these Medicare/Medicaid ideas should vividly illustrate the need. I did mention this Medicare/Medicaid idea briefly in my Welfare Reform correspondences, but they were not in sufficient detail to peak people's interest. So if someone says that they heard of this idea before, you can say that the details of implementation were a roadblock that you are now taking down.

I hope this helps our country solve the Medicare/Medicaid problem.


                                                   Very truly yours,


                                                    Franklin R. Lacy






On March 17, 2010, I got an email from President Barack Obama as follows:

My last solution efforts, writing the President (Bush), all Governors, all U.S. Senators,

and 160 U.S. Representatives, occurred August 19, 2008; however, Congress did vote

on my Healthcare solution in 2006.  It was narrowly defeated.  My email address that

he is using is only on my web site, so he had to have gotten my solutions from there. 


Solving social problems is much like solving physical problems.   I list all the 

parameters (considerations) and weight them in importance of impact on the 

problem.  Then I come up with the best overall solution.  It is easy for me.  



I have been asked why I don't run for President.  The answer is I don't have 100 million 

dollars.  I have been married to my darling wife for 47 years, and we have one child 

(born in the back seat of our car) and one grand child.  My age is 69 years, but my 

Mom and Dad lived for 89 and 91 years, respectively.  I have a proven record of 

bringing solutions together and convincing sufficient numbers to support them.  I am 

tenacious and tireless in this effort.  After working up to 17 hours a day, 7 days a 

week, I have enough funds to live on the rest of my life from age 50.  At that point I 

semi-retired, and I have been giving of myself by solving social problems. 


My thoughts are to form a non-profit corporation so any money spent or collected 

toward the support of social solutions will be tax deductible.  The money would be 

very efficiently utilized to support a candidate that will be best suited to solving this 

country's problems in the future whether it is Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary

Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or someone else.

Where are the solutions these career politicians have contributed while

in office?  Promises alone are empty.  Is it just one or two leadership accomplishments

over the past 20 years or is it on-going? The Presidency isn't for people who have

a lot of experience doing very little. I am not in office and have verifiably solved quite

a few national and international problems and gotten both parties to implement them.

Isn't that what true leadership of our government is all about?