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Contains Proven Personal Results for USSR Demise (1984 - 1989), Welfare Reform (April 1995), Also Medicare/ Medicaid/Healthcare (In works April 9, 2001 - Present), Elderly Rights to life and tax saving/Terri Schiavo (August 27,2004), Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators (May 23, 2005), Illegal Imigrants (April 7, 2006), Suicide Bombers (April 22, 2007), Greenhouse Gases, Population, Education, Ethanol Hoax, Religion Compatibilities (January 4, 2008)

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USSR Demise

Welfare Reform

Medicare/ Medicaid/ Healthcare

Elderly Rights to Life & Taxes

Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators

Illegal Immigrants

Suicide Bombers/Iraq

I Sued 22 Lawyers and WON!

Population, Greenhse. Gasses, Education, & Religion

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Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators.

These Solutions were sent to all governors, The President, and Congress.

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On May 28, 2005, I sent Congress, The President, the state Governors, and others my

"Practical Solutions for Social Security, Sexual Predators, and Tort Reform". My

Social Security solution is being considered. It involves extending the tax to investments.

The first I heard on the news that they are considering it was after I sent in this solution.

My Sexual Predator Solution involves saving children’s lives by requiring GPS tracking

ankle bracelets on all paroled predators with strong, aircraft cable embedded. This would

replace ankle bracelets that broadcast to an in-home receiver and dials out if the predator

is not within 300 feet of the receiver. The predator can cut the old ankle bracelets off. If

he tries that on the new ankle bracelets the signal will go out with his position so that the

predator can be immediately picked up before he has gotten it removed. That would

mean back to jail for 10 more years followed by 10 years probation with again wearing

the ankle bracelet. After that another offense would be life in prison. If the predator gets

within 7 feet of a child’s wrist worn receiver, the same immediate response and jail time

would result. The child would also be warned through his/her receiver if the predator is

within 300 feet. Schools and school buses would also have receivers so predators would

be prevented from harming children. I understand that several states and cities are

adapting my solution including Alabama, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

The rest should follow.

I recognized some of my tort reform solution wording in President Bush’s January 2006

State of the Union Address when he announced that eliminating junk lawsuits would be a

top priority. That was the thrust of my solution. Hopefully he will follow through;

although his January 2007 State of the Union Address only talked about eliminating junk

lawsuits against the medical profession. This May 2005 triple solution letter went out to

all U.S. Senators, an equal number of U.S. Representatives, the President, all state

governors, the three major AMA offices, and a few others.



After the first 5 solutions, I stopped including accolade letters because of the time it takes for you to bring them up.


                                                                                                                           Franklin R. Lacy





                                                                                                                           May 23, 2005

President George Bush

The White House

Washington, D. C. 21500

Subject: Practical Solutions for Social Security, Sexual Predators, and Tort Reform

Dear President Bush:

You might remember me in earlier communications for (1) my solutions for paperless

Medicare/Medicaid; (2) my solutions in 1995 toward the Welfare system we have today

including making VISA-type sample cards and my proposal to use them to replace the food

stamps of that period; (3) a copy of my letter of gratitude received from the prime minister’s

office of the Czech republic, which was in appreciation for my efforts in 1984 to convince the

Soviets to change their system.

Practical Social Security Solution

Problem: Social Security has only been applied against EARNED income. This is a huge

loophole that allows people to structure all their income as investment income with accelerated

depreciation schedules. As a result people can opt. to pay no social security and minimize their

income taxes. For example, someone can take out a mortgage for an apartment building, live in

it, and manage it. That person pays him/herself no salary and pays no social security. That

person also usually takes accelerated depreciation. This type of approach for business and

rentals and other investments happens way more often than you might think. In addition, I have

seen condominium owners in Hawaii rent them out with full deductions and live in them under

the excuse of remodeling. They are in their condos way more than the two weeks each year

allowed by the IRS. They receive investment income in lieu of a salary. They pay no social

security on their income.

Solution: Have an Alternate Minimum Social Security Tax. This would apply the social

security tax to investment and other non-earned income after taking back depreciation

acceleration. Every taxpayer BELOW RETIREMENT AGE will have his taxable income

examined as a starting point. The difference between accelerated depreciation and straight line

depreciation will be added back in for this calculation. Then double the standard social security

tax rate and multiply it by the resultant adjusted income calculation (self employment social

security includes employee’s plus employer’s contributions). Use the maximum annual social

security contribution amount if it is smaller than this calculation. Then subtract the amount of

social security paid on schedule SE for the year. The difference would be the Alternate

Minimum Social Security additional tax due. This should be a huge amount from all taxpayers

combined. It will prevent tax cheats at least as far as social security is concerned. You could

well get so much money that there will be room for President Bush’s partial social security

savings plan much like you have for members of government. You might

also have enough excess funds to drop charging income tax on social security funds received by

retired people. I figured out what I paid into social security and adjusted the funds by the

inflation rate each year. The result was a calculation that figured a zero loss/gain amount in

today’s dollars. There is absolutely no way I can live long enough to get it back. My social

security payments are a modest $653 per month before Medicare is deducted. Yet you collect

income tax on almost $7,000 of it. On top of this, you (through the IRS) won’t allow me to take

standard head count deductions, and you exclude a lot of my schedule ‘A’ legitimate deductions.

Then you also calculate an Alternate Minimum Tax that I must pay. I would call this paying

more than my fair share. Before I retired, my wife and I worked up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a

week trying hard to scratch out a nest egg for retirement. My money is now conservatively

invested in bank stock where my average return is 2 ½%. This is about the inflation rate, yet you

collect income tax on it. I am supposed to live on what’s left. Sure I could have invested in dot

com companies or Enron or Ford Motor Company bonds for a higher return, but I am too old to

risk losing everything and starting over. I could have bought tax free bonds. But as the interest

rate falls, they pay off these bonds by offering people new bonds at a lower interest rate. Then as

the interest rate goes up, people who bought bonds at the low interest rate are locked in even

though the inflation rate is much higher. After retirement, dividend and interest income should

not be taxed because the investments for this age group tend to be very conservative with safety

of principle the paramount concern. Otherwise without your knowing how long each individual

retired person will live, you could well be accelerating the running out of money thereby

encouraging the grim reaper to make an early call. Please don’t take away the inflationary

adjustments to my savings of a lifetime of very hard work by taxing inflation. 68% of every

income tax dollar goes to "take from Peter to pay Paul" programs. Add to that the results of state

and other federal taxes that does the same thing in addition to charitable giving and you have a

substantial amount. How much is enough? Are you taking from me in order to provide more

than bare subsistence for people who immediately spent every last dollar they earned throughout

their life to overreach their standard of living? Am I paying too much for those not exerting

themselves sufficiently in life to save enough for their retirement years? Instead, schools should

teach civic and financial responsibility during people’s informative years. In our earlier years,

my wife and I bought used cars and used furniture and had one child by choice in order to

provide for our golden years. Now that we are retired, please don’t take our culmination of a

lifetime of sacrifices away from us just because you can.

Practical Sexual Predator Solutions

I came up with this 6 months ago; however, I had major surgery, and the recovery went badly.

To my sorrow, due to the heavy medication, I put off writing about this solution until now. I am

elated to hear that you are already implementing part of what I would propose; however more

lives can be saved by what I am about to suggest.

Problem: Sexual predators are ultimately released from prison and then they commit their

crimes on other innocent children before they can be apprehended and sent back to prison. We

have a reactionary form of justice. First the perpetrator has to commit the crime. Then he/she is

apprehended, tried, and sent back to prison. Unfortunately innocent children are raped, tortured,

and/or killed to make this all happen. No court will punish anyone for a crime that statistically

someone is prone to commit.


Solution: Your having the GPS required on paroled sexual predators’ ankle bracelets is a start.

Possibly you won’t be able to require it for life, which would be ideal, but a five year parole

period is certainly reasonable. Chances are slim that a predator will not try to recommit his/her

crime in that 5-year period. Now for the supplement to this solution. Have the ankle bracelet 

contain a recording memory chip readable by the parole officer on regular required visits. Have

wrist watch size sender/receivers available for schools, available for school buses, available for

amusement parks, etc., and available for parent(s) and/or grandparent(s) to buy as protective gifts

for their offspring. For the child’s wrist watch signal generator/receiver, the wrist device would

buzz an alarm warning if a sexual predator with an ankle band is within 50 feet. Adults can also

get a receiver that will buzz a warning if a sexual predator is within 300 feet. This will allow

parents to scope out the route to school and the route for taking walks to find out if a sexual

predator lives in the neighborhood. The school and school bus receivers would have the same

300 foot range for the warning alarm. In this way, children about to exit a school bus will be

stopped by the driver in case of an alarm. The child’s wrist sender/receiver will cause a position

recording on the predator’s ankle bracelet’s memory and GPS tracking if the predator gets within

7 feet of the child’s wrist sender/receiver (7 feet is required because the ankle bracelet must

record if a child is in range even though the child’s wrist may be held high). If the sexual

predator removes his ankle bracelet and/or it records the predator being within 7 feet of a child,

the predator goes back to jail. The child’s identity number is also recorded, which would

simplify proof in court. In this case, five years would be added to the predator’s term and five

years would be added to the predator’s parole after serving the imprisonment. The third offense

would put the predator in prison forever as being an incorrigible repeat offender. I learned from

a police sanctioned gun training course that it only takes 2 seconds for a knife wielding attacker

to cross 20 feet and stab someone. A 50 foot alarm distance for the child is the least distance that

can be allowed before a warning alarm. Possibly for simplicity this range should be extended to

300 feet, also. The wrist sender/receiver can be made attractive with overlapping hearts and a

"Grandma loves Misty" type of personalization for younger kids. Older kids can have it

disguised as only a wrist watch. If attractively done, it could become a school status symbol. It

does not in any way deprive sexual predators of their rights unless they are violating the terms of

their parole. Aircraft cable should be imbedded in the ankle band to slow down the removal long

enough to have the dumber predators to be immediately apprehended by a positional alarm. You

might want a modified version of this solution for people out of prison for doing other crimes.

There seems to be quite a recidivism rate for other criminals coming out of prison on parole. It

would be helpful for home owners to have a receiver warning them of a paroled criminal in their

vicinity. I have been in computers since 1960, in the days of the vacuum tube computers. Trust

me. It will work. I know I can patent my ideas and make money on them, but I would rather

give them out to keep the family costs as low as possible. If you use some of my ideas, please let

me know. That would be payment enough. If you like my ideas, please tell your staff to let my

future letters come to your attention. I am just giving back.


Practical Tort Reform

You, who are lawyers, are truly outstanding people to even consider this. I understand that you

are affecting a legal community where you might well have close attachments and expectations

of rejoining after a number of years in public service.

Problem: There is a need to prevent the weakest of us from being poorly treated; however there

is also a need for the majority of us to expect reasonably priced health care and product

purchases. The amount that the legal profession has affected increased prices for their awards

and fees are included in health insurance and products purchased. The two needs seem to be at

cross purposes. In a capitalist society, we are mainly driven by efforts and products charged for

at a price that will cover all our costs and a fair return for our time and money. With the advent

of computers all industries have experienced cost savings from the removal of really tedious,

repetitive jobs. Any service profession that is mainly governed by paperwork is particularly

advantaged by the computer and the internet. Such is true with the legal profession. Through

word processing on computers, boiler plate forms such as wills and other documents can be

stored with the automatic filling in of key words and phrases. This permits a lot less time spent

on items that are unique to any particular case. This is not meant to minimize the real effort that

goes into each case, but it does significantly cut down on the time involved relative to the huge

rewards received. Lawyers often have the best offices in the best buildings with the best art

work and the best corporate jet planes. They form partnerships that limit their liability while

hoping to take advantage of the liability of others. They are authors of "LLP", Limited Liability

Partnerships. In addition to their medical malpractice lucrative business, they also seriously

affect start up companies by preventing them from taking hold when they dry up their seed

money through frivolous lawsuits. This is the absolute truth about my legal experience in 1989.

Over the course of 11 years I wrote and developed a property management computer software

system that worked very well and handled the accounting of hundreds of projects

simultaneously. It kept the hundreds of projects separate in the computer, but it allowed the

property management business to operate on these business projects simultaneously as if they

were one. Against my advice a new customer hired only one part time worker who received the

training to put into the computer the initial starting information for 163 projects (separate

accounting centers). When this part time, over worked employee was behind because of her

limited hours, the owner required her to go back and input the 6 prior months and rerun each

report for that period. The owner took me to court claiming my property management software

system was defective. It wasn’t defective, and I won in court. It cost me $85,000 in 1989 dollars

to fight the case. Opposing counsel was part of Bill Gates’ father’s law firm and took it on

contingency under the professed supposition that all software has problems. He was wrong.

Mine didn’t, and we proved it. My lawyer did not know much about computers, so I had to

carry much of the evidence part of the case. I was awarded Statutory Legal Fees of $650 in

Washington State to reimburse me for my $85,000 spent. Then the other side appealed, and they

said they would go ahead with their appeal unless I paid them $20,000. My lawyer wanted me to

pay it, but I refused. After much persuasion, I finally agreed to pay $10,000, which I considered 

legalized blackmail. I was out $95,000 of my seed money and as a result of this frivolous legal

action, I was forced to go out of business. Who would want to operate in a climate where I work

night and day to develop an excellent property management software system only to have the

lawyers take it away from me by driving me out of business through non-reimbursable legal

costs? Apple Computers was started in someone’s garage. It probably would not be in existence

today if a lawsuit gobbled up its seed money. In a real way the legal system as we know it is

preventing entrepreneurs from developing new ideas, growing a business, and hiring people.

That has to change if our economy is to grow. Otherwise, out sourcing will continue to affect

our employment without enough new ideas driving our economy. In addition, lawyers are not as

great a problem in India. This makes out sourcing that much more attractive.

Solution: Appoint a neutral non-lawyer commission to provide those in Congress with arms

length independent recommendations for Tort Reform much like the Base Closing commission.

Those who sue should be held liable for the prevailing party’s attorney fees and costs. If a

lawyer takes a case on contingency, sues someone or some company, and he loses the case, that

lawyer and his closely knit partnership should be held responsible for the percentage of his

contingency involvement applied against the prevailing party’s total attorney fees and costs and

counter claims. If a lawyer buys into a lawsuit-for-awards case, he must also assume the other

sides expenses and counter claims in the event of a loss at the same percentage as his buy in.

The defendants didn’t ask to be sued. Why should they be the victims and have to incur any

losses in the event of Plaintiff’s withdrawal or loss of the case? The remainder of fees and costs

would be the responsibility of the losing named Plaintiff. This should weed out frivolous

lawsuits and set ups for legalized blackmail, which tend to drive up everybody’s costs.

Very truly yours,


Franklin R. Lacy

P.S. Below is a copy of my Welfare empowerment card made up and sent to the Governors,

U.S. Senators, and 160 U.S. Representatives in 1995 at a time when Congress was

advocating giving the Welfare money to the states because they could not do any more worse

a job than the Federal Government. My Welfare solutions also included mentoring, and

working through the local charities. All of this is part of our present system. On the back of

this page is a copy of the letter from the Prime Minister’s office of the Czech Republic. They

said they would not write it unless they could independently verify what I had done in 1984

to get the Soviets to change their system. It was written by their second in command because

he is their highest official who speaks and writes English. You can also look up my FBI file

for verification.

My ideas and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s ideas evolved into the Welfare

reforms of today.




Solving social problems is much like solving physical problems.   I list all the 

parameters (considerations) and weight them in importance of impact on the 

problem.  Then I come up with the best overall solution.  It is easy for me.  



I have been asked why I don't run for President.  The answer is I don't have 100 million 

dollars.  I have been married to my darling wife for 47 years, and we have one child 

(born in the back seat of our car) and one grand child.  My age is 69 years, but my 

Mom and Dad lived for 89 and 91 years, respectively.  I have a proven record of 

bringing solutions together and convincing sufficient numbers to support them.  I am 

tenacious and tireless in this effort.  After working up to 17 hours a day, 7 days a 

week, I have enough funds to live on the rest of my life from age 50.  At that point I 

semi-retired, and I have been giving of myself by solving social problems. 


My thoughts are to form a non-profit corporation so any money spent or collected 

toward the support of social solutions will be tax deductible.  The money would be 

very efficiently utilized to support a candidate that will be best suited to solving this 

country's problems in the future whether it is Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary

Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or someone else.

Where are the solutions these career politicians have contributed while

in office?  Promises alone are empty.  Is it just one or two leadership accomplishments

over the past 20 years or is it on-going? The Presidency isn't for people who have

a lot of experience doing very little. I am not in office and have verifiably solved quite

a few national and international problems and gotten both parties to implement them.

Isn't that what true leadership of our government is all about?