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Contains Proven Personal Results for USSR Demise (1984 - 1989), Welfare Reform (April 1995), Also Medicare/ Medicaid/Healthcare (In works April 9, 2001 - Present), Elderly Rights to life and tax saving/Terri Schiavo (August 27,2004), Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators (May 23, 2005), Illegal Imigrants (April 7, 2006), Suicide Bombers (April 22, 2007), Greenhouse Gases, Population, Education, Ethanol Hoax, Religion Compatibilities (January 4, 2008)

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USSR Demise

Welfare Reform

Medicare/ Medicaid/ Healthcare

Elderly Rights to Life & Taxes

Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators

Illegal Immigrants

Suicide Bombers/Iraq

I Sued 22 Lawyers and WON!

Population, Greenhse. Gasses, Education, & Religion

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Suicide Bombers and Iraq Solution.

These Solutions were sent to all governors, The President, and Congress.

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My solution to prevent suicide bombers are saving lives.  Not just American and European lives, but 

Muslim lives, the lives of would-be suicide bombers, and soldiers and civilians in Iraq.  I went to the

Mid-East to firm up my solution.  If we try my suicide bomber solution, I am confident that it will work. 

Besides, who else has come up with a viable solution?   My solution pointed out that the tribal chiefs

(i.e., family heads) are the chief center of authority even above the state in Mid-East countries.

As can be seen in my letter below, Muslims are family oriented. They are former bedoins whose authority

does not go much beyond the honor and decisions of the family. They even marry cousins. They will shield

a criminal family member to prevent dishonor and affirm their loyalty. Even powerful American non-Muslim

families will come to the aid of a family member who is a law breaker. Why would it not be the same

in the mid-East with a harsher survival environment? As a result the solution in Iraq is to deal directly with the tribal

(family) leaders. These are communist enclaves with each giving according to his/her ability and each taking

according to his/her needs. The family is really the only level in which communism works because there is

a genuine caring about family members. Even American families on an immediate basis are communist. It

breaks down past the family and is therefore unworkable for a country. People don't tend to relate as profoundly to

strangers. They will not work so hard for strangers. The letter below went to President Bush, Secretary

Gates, Secertary Rice, and the Secretary Chertoff of Homeland security. I saw on the news around mid-June 2007 that

Secretary Gates is now going to negoiate with the tribes. This is part of what I wanted to happen after

I wrote the solution letter below. I truly believe that it is the only way to achieve peace in Iraq. The tribes

are where the real power is. I wrote, "Universally not causing dishonor to the family is paramount, even if it means 

hiding a criminal. Family loyalties are all important above all other loyalties, including loyalty to the 

state. In Jordan, our bus was pulled over for speeding. Our Muslim guide saw the policeman’s name 

on his lapel. He knew where that family grouping lives in Jordan. Families tend to stick together. Our 

guide told the surprised officer where he lived. He told him, "We are neighbors. I know your cousins."

For fear of dishonor from his cousins, he did not write a ticket." (boldface added).

A September 21,2008 update. My Iraq solution of April 22, 2007 includes causing them to become a

more peaceful country by impressing upon President Bush the importance of politically dealing with the tribal

chiefs directly.  It followed my trip to 5 Middle Eastern Countries in March 2007 in order to seek solutions.   

Dealing with the tribal chiefs directly caused them to realize that the United States is not an invader but is a friend. 

Their people stopped shooting at our country’s soldiers and helped reveal the location of Improvised Explosive Devices

(IED’s).  They also revealed the location of terrorists.  In February 2007 we had an increase in troops, which led to an

increase in American casualties until June 2007.  Much of our government was in favor of abandoning Iraq by immediately

pulling out our troops.   On April 22, 2007, my solution to directly deal with the tribal chiefs and my solutions to end

suicide bombers were sent to President Bush, Secretary of Defense Gates, Secretary of State Rice, Homeland Security

Secretary Chertoff, all of the U.S. Senators, approximately 160 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and all

50 state Governors.  Because of my prior successes in solving quite a few social problems, my letters tend to be read. 

In June 2007 our country started dealing politically with the tribal chiefs of Iraq, and American casualties in Iraq dropped

to as little as 3 per week during the rest of 2007 as a result.  In August 2007, John Bolton told me that our government

hadn’t been dealing with the tribal chiefs prior to May 2007.  The experts are now recognizing that this is the major change

that turned around the course of the Iraq war.  We all want to get our forces out of Iraq as soon as possible.  It’s a matter

of how we want to do it.  My practical solutions that are being implemented to get us out will leave a job well done and a

friend for life.  The choices are clear.  My solutions are now being used in Afghanistan with considerable success. Pakistan is next.

Capitalism works on the larger scale because it is much more practical. Idealistic communist doctrine

for the population as a whole is just not practical. It did not work in the USSR, and it won't work here.

When the income tax rate was much higher, I sat on my duff figuring why should I stick my neck out and

not realize sufficient rewards. I'll be just taxed to death at an ever higher rate, so why bother? Therefore

I just coasted financially, figuring that the government would take care of me in my old age. The product

of my existence was minimal. Then President Reagan cut our taxes, so I got really busy working long

hours trying to acquire wealth by working several jobs. I figured there was hope to save up for my

retirement future. The creativity and industry of individual Americans like me came to life. It looks like the

pendulum is trying to swing to high tax socialism. It is getting to be time to return to being mentally

dormant. The sooner we realize this the less likelihood of our repeating the mistakes of the past learned

at great expense.


After the first 5 solutions, I stopped including accolade letters because of the time it takes for you to bring them up.


                                                                                                 Franklin R. Lacy



                                                                                                  ( )


                                                                                                    April 22, 2007

President George Bush

The White House

Washington D.C. 20500


Subject: Enclosed Cost Effective Solutions to Prevent Muslim Terrorists’ Suicide

Bombings and the Resultant Loss of Lives and Property Damage


Dear President Bush,


Over the past eighteen years I sent in 10 solutions for major social problems. They went to all state 

governors, all U.S. Senators, around 200 U.S. Representatives, and the President. All were either 

adapted or are in the works for adoption.


Enclosed separately is a cost effective Solution to Prevent Terrorist Suicide Bombings (last 

page) . I have been very successful in providing you with social solutions as is shown below. If you 

want my solutions to continue, please don’t release my name and please provide me with protection 

for sticking my neck out by writing this. I’ve grown rather attached to my head.


3 lines which are deleted herein, were sent to the government officials. The reasons are 

that of personal security. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Enclosed is a letter of gratitude from the Prime Minister’s office of the Czech Republic for what I did 

in 1984 in the former Soviet Union to convince them to change. They said that they only sent the 

letter after they were independently able to prove what I had done. If you are understandably skeptical, 

you can look up my FBI file, which includes verification of this matter. Enclosing the proof would add 

too many pages to this letter.


You might remember me from my Welfare Reform Solutions of April 1995, which were adapted. 

At that time, I enclosed a sample VISA-type welfare empowerment card to be used instead of food 

stamps to prevent fraud and save billions of dollars. I also recommended mentoring through local 

individuals and charities and the distribution of welfare funds on a local basis such as through charities 

because they know the truly deserving. A copy of my sample card is enclosed. I have verification letters 

from government of when I did this. Some of you may have received this particular solution from me up 

to early 1996 because I sent them out in spurts, but April 1995 is when I started sending them out to 

government leadership. My solutions together with former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s 

welfare solutions, which include training of recipients and time limits, are what the Welfare System is 



On April 9, 2001, I wrote my Medicare/Medicaid Solution. In addition to Visa-type cards used by the 

insured I was advocating electronic approval of doctors’ and other medical treatment via telephone 

without forms to fill out and the approvals become income tax credits thereby providing the best of care 

for all Americans. As explained in my solution, there would also be limits to prevent individual physician 

abuse. In addition to the savings of government cost estimated by President Bush in a speech to be 

21%, the doctors will save tremendously in not having to hire up to 4 extra employees just to keep track 

of the paperwork.


All state medical insurance policies are generally required to have exactly the same wording for the 

same product between insurance companies. This is a requirement so consumers can successfully 

shop around and compare prices. My solution is to also have the insurance companies have a single 

payer office for all of them that can be called by physicians and charged to using an insured’s 

standardized Visa-type card. The approved coverage would allow the funds to be electronically 

transferred into the physician’s medical bank account. There would be tremendous labor savings 

because there would be no paperwork for the billing and no forms to fill out. The insurance companies 

can weed out fraud by comparing and tracking individual physician treatment compared to the average. 

It would also prevent a redundancy of coverage and abuse by individual patients. This went out to all 

U.S. Senators, an equal number of U.S. Representatives, the President, all governors, the three major 

AMA offices, and a few others. To date I have heard that some of this has been adapted. Please let me 

know the progress.


On May 28, 2005, I sent Congress, The President, the state Governors, and others my "Practical 

Solutions for Social Security, Sexual Predators, and Tort Reform". My Social Security solution is 

being considered. It involves extending the tax to investments. The first I heard on the news of you 

considering it was after I sent in this solution.


My Sexual Predator Solution involves saving children’s lives by requiring GPS tracking ankle bracelets 

on all paroled predators with strong, aircraft cable embedded. This would replace ankle bracelets that 

broadcast to an in-home receiver and dials out if the predator is not within 300 feet of the receiver. The 

predator can cut the old ankle bracelets off. If he tries that on the new ankle bracelets the signal will go 

out with his position so that the predator can be immediately picked up before he has gotten it 

removed. That would mean back to jail for 10 more years followed by 10 years probation with again 

wearing the ankle bracelet. After that another offense would be life in prison. If the predator gets within 

7 feet of a child’s wrist worn receiver, the same immediate response and jail time would result. The 

child would also be warned through his/her receiver if the predator is within 300 feet. Schools and 

school buses would also have receivers so predators would be prevented from harming children. I 

understand that several states have adapted my solution, and the rest should follow. Please let me 

know how your state is doing on this.


I recognized some of my tort reform solution wording in President Bush’s January 2006 State of the 

Union Address when he announced that eliminating junk lawsuits would be a top priority. That was the 

thrust of my solution. Hopefully he will follow through; although his January 2007 State of the Union 

Address only talked about eliminating junk lawsuits against the medical profession. This May 2005 

triple solution letter went out to all U.S. Senators, an equal number of U.S. Representatives, the 

President, all state governors, the three major AMA offices, and a few others.


On April 7, 2007, I sent Congress, the President, and the state governors my Illegal Immigrant 

Solution letter. This was when Congress was saying that the choice was either amnesty or busing 

12 million illegal immigrants back to Mexico. It was about to be a repeat of the amnesty of 1986, and 

Congress had adjourned for a few weeks before taking the matter up again. My sent solution is to 

make it more expensive for employers to hire illegal immigrants than United States citizens such as 

loss of tax deductions for their work and interest and penalties. Then the illegals will not be employable. 

They will find their own way across the border and not come back because of the lack of work for them. 

This will free up the Border Patrol to concentrate on drug runners and terrorists. The Illegals should be 

phased out of jobs over a period of 5 years to give employers the chance to hire citizens or buy 

machinery to perform the work. Part of the solution would be to open up access to a computer system 

to cross check each job applicant’s (employee’s) alleged social security number to see if it is valid and 

not already being used. This would be in addition to any other cross checking that could be needed.


If you like my thinking, please ask your staff to let my letters come to your attention. I’ll only suggest 

solutions for what you are working on, and I won’t waste your time.


                                                                   Very truly yours,


                                                                   Franklin R. Lacy


P.S. This is the front and back of my sample Welfare Card Sent in 1995 and Early 1996 to All 

Governors, All U.S. Senators, and an Equal Number of U.S. Representatives, and the President.


Some letters and numbers are in gold or other color. As a result resolution is not as good as the actual 

card. Note on back of card that even in 1995, I was advocating a similar approach to healthcare.


In April 1995 when I first advocated this solution, Federal elected leaders were advocating to give the 

welfare dollars to the state in a lump sum for distribution because they could not do any worse a job 

than the federal government. My ideas and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s ideas 

evolved into the Welfare reforms of today.

Cost Effective Solution to Prevent Muslim Suicide Bombings – 4/17/07

This paragraph is deleted from the web for reasons of personal security.  It did go to The President, 

all state governors, all U.S. Senators, 120 Congressmen.The solution is to give would be suicide terrorists disincentives in performing this horrendous act. The will to survive is a natural drive in all of us. Some very bad Imams are trying to brain wash Muslims in order to overcome this survival drive. If the survival urge can be strengthened by casting doubt in the suicide bomber’s mind that he will go to heaven and be with Mohammed and have 72 virgins, then these terrible religious leaders’ influence will (Deleted paragraph for personal safety)be minimized. Publicize what we are doing to these dead fascists in the interests of preventing Muslims from blowing up others including fellow Muslims and including themselves. Get good Imams to endorse this solution. When it comes to the rights of the living compared to the alleged rights of cadavers, the rights of the living should prevail. This is WAR against terrorists! Let’s not tie our own hands.

The below recommendations come after talking with Muslims regarding how the dead remains are 

honored in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Salalah, Oman; Aqaba, Jordan; Safaga, Egypt; and 

Alexandria, Egypt. It does vary from Muslim sect to Muslim sect. I had to put them at ease about 

talking to me before they would open up. They knew that I am a private individual and not with any 

official capacity, so there was sincerity in their voices. Cremation is forbidden. In Egypt there is a 

profound respect for the dead. The soul stays with the body waiting for the Day of Judgment when it 

either goes to heaven or hell. In Dubai, UAE, the body cannot move or talk, but it has all the other 

senses. The soul circles above the body for up to 40 days when it then goes to a transition place 

waiting for the Day of Judgment. In Jordan, Muslim graves can never be disturbed even for 

construction. If construction starts and a Muslim grave is found, the construction must be immediately 

stopped and abandoned. One would have to gain direct knowledge from the pertinent would be 

suicide bomber sect. Universally not causing dishonor to the family is paramount, even if it means 

hiding a criminal. Family loyalties are all important above all other loyalties, including loyalty to the 

state. In Jordan, our bus was pulled over for speeding. Our Muslim guide saw the policeman’s name 

on his lapel. He knew where that family grouping lives in Jordan. Families tend to stick together. Our 

guide told the surprised officer where he lived. He told him, "We are neighbors. I know your cousins."

For fear of dishonor from his cousins, he did not write a ticket.  



This paragraph is deleted from the web for reasons of personal security.  It did go to

The  President, all state governors, all U.S. Senators, 120+ Congressmen.

Trust me. This will work. The alternative is truly bad. What do we have to lose? Friends will remain 

friends. Enemies will not like it because it will work.




On July 2, 2007, I wrote the following letter to The President, Secretary Rice, Defense Secretary Gates'

Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff via Federal Express and all the U.S. Senators, all the governors,

and a good many U.S, Representatives. I further heard on the news today (July 3, 2007) that the government

is going to start working on the hearts and minds of the suicide terrorists. Without going into specifics for

reasons of personal safety, this is what my letter of April 22, 2007 was recommending. So I am scoring 3 out of 3

concerning the government following my solutions. These are 1) the one mentioned herein; 2) plus Vice President

Cheny being sent to United Arab emirates to talk them out of shipping banned goods to Iran, after I pointed this

out to President Bush; and 3) Secretary Gates is going to deal directly with the families (tribes) in running the Iraq

government. As I pointed out, this is where the real power is. Secretary of Defense Gates' quotes from May to

early July will verify this.

                                                                                             Franklin R. Lacy

                                                                                             Address withheld for personal

                                                                                             security reasons


                                                                                              July 2, 2007

President George Bush

The Whitehouse

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 20500

Subject:  Inexpensive Practical Solution for Illegal Immigrants and Iraq

Dear President Bush,

You will remember me from my several successful solutions toward international and national

problem solving.  This spans from the USSR’s demise for which I have a letter of gratitude

from the Czech Republic’s prime minister’s office to my April 22, 2007 suicide bomber / Iraq

solution.  A copy of verifiable proofs together with 8 of my solutions are on my web site at .

The April 22, 2007 solution letter to President Bush had separate copies enclosed and requested

routing to Secretary Gates, Secretary Rice, and the Secretary of Homeland Security.  As an

adjunct I related that Dubai, U.A.E. and possibly Salalah, Oman are getting in goods, applying a

steep mark up and reselling them to their neighbors.  I learned this while there in March 2007. 

Presumably this meant banned goods to Iran.  I noticed that on May 13, 2007, you subsequently

sent Vice President Cheney to U.A.E. to try to talk them out of re-exporting banned goods to Iran

Re-export is Dubai’s greatest source of annual income.  I believe their other sources of income,

to a lesser degree in order, are land development, tourism, and oil.  I was told that each of the

Emirates have the real power; whereas the U.A.E. was formed to handle common interests.  Each

Emirate or tribe is like a family going back to the pure Bedouin days.  The Sheikzh (their sp?) is

highly westernized and has a profound interest in racing horses.  He built a huge modern race track

with excellent surrounding facilities for stabling, staff, and exercise.  He pays for competing horses

to fly in, their care, and their support personnels’ care for his annual big race.  He paid 7 million

dollars for a horse from Kentucky.  The purse for his big race is 25 million dollars, and the winner

gets to keep it.  I know because I toured this facility in March 2007, which was shortly before his

annual race.  He will not want to give up his re-export business to Iran easily.  The best way to get

around this is to hint that we will act to get other countries to ban his horses and not come to his race. 

As mentioned earlier in my April 22, 2007 letter, not losing family honor is all important.  He would

feel he would be disgraced if this happened.  That is the way to get to him.  Further there could be

the threat of losing his other sources of income like tourism and sales of condominiums to foreigners

who in turn pay no taxes over there.


Please read this through before deciding.

The solution is to have employers phase out illegal immigrants over 5 to 10 years by not hiring them and

progressively letting go the ones they did hire over a 5 to 10 year period.  We should make it more

expensive for employers to hire them than not hire them such as making their earnings non-tax-deductible

and charging interest and penalties.  If we phase the illegal aliens out over a 10 year period, this will

allow employers to just replace 10% per year with U.S. citizens, documented contract workers from

other countries, and/or machines to do the repetitive tasks.  Contract out-of-country workers would be

hired for 6 months without their families coming along, and then they would have to go back to their

homeland for a month before they can be re-contracted.  It would not be an automatic road to citizenship. 

There would be no change in citizenship.  Employers would be fulfilling their work requirements LEGALLY

by hiring documented contract workers.  They will be able to gradually replace their illegal employees with

legal employees.  Central American countries and other countries will still be able to benefit from contract

workers sending money home.   It would just be done legally.  Without work the illegal aliens will get

themselves back across the border.  The employers would be checking Federal data base sources to

determine citizenship, and the sources will be kept up to date by government.  The data base makes sure

that a valid social security number is not used over and over.  Employers who are not checking the data

base proportionate to their total employment will be raided and immediately lose all their illegal alien workers

without phase out.  Those illegal aliens with children born in this country will leave with or without their

children, (their choice until the child citizen reaches the age of consent); however, if these citizen-children are

left behind, they must have a U.S. citizen sponsor who will take responsibility for raising them in this country.  

The U.S. citizen children will be welcome to return at the age of consent (or sooner if there is a U.S. citizen

to care for them). The constitution does not say that adults can get around the laws by having children here

and then the parents get citizenship.  That is wrong.  They are trying to use our constitution against us.  

Without illegal aliens jamming up our borders because they would have no jobs, the border patrol will be

freed up to catch drug smugglers and terrorists.  Congress can tell their big business supporters that they

bought time for them with a gradual transition.  Please see my web site which is the same as my name.  

Your other way would be to tell our children that our leaders condone law breaking.  That is not a message

we want.


Within my April 22, 2007 letter, I pressed the major point that the family (or tribe) is the all powerful entity. 

They live together and stay together as a group.  The family is more important than the government of a

country.  This is ingrained in them going back to their Bedoin heritage when as a group, family, or tribe was

strictly on their own to survive in a hostile environment.  They never want to dishonor the family.  Families

will even shield and protect members who may be involved in criminal activity.  To do otherwise would

dishonor the family.  Further a visitor must receive the hospitality and protection of the family.  To not do

this is a great dishonor.  Even cousins marry. 

In the United States we have the families which are communist living environments.  From each according to

his/her ability.  To each according to his/her needs.  If a family member commits a crime, the family members

will join forces to protect him/her. 

In mid-May I saw where Secretary Gates announced our dealing with the tribes (families).  This occurred

after he received my April 22 letter.  As I indicated in my April 22 letter to him and others in government,

this is all important.  It would be good to affirm to the tribal chiefs that we recognize that this ruling structure

would not change.  We could explain that the Iraq government would give families the opportunity to influence

the thinking of neighboring tribes on matters of mutual interest.  Whatever we do, it is not a good idea to give

tribal chiefs the idea that their family members will answer to the central Iraq government usurping the tribal

chief’s power.  That would be a recipe for doom.

Collin Powell said that if we invade Iraq, we bought it, meaning we are responsible for its woes and transition

back to a functioning government.  After World War II it took 8 years to turn around Imperialist Japan.  We

allowed the Emperor to stay in place to smooth the transition.  I understand it also took Nazi Germany 8 years

to become a democracy.  It is strongly recommended that we deal with the tribal chiefs and give that a chance

to work in Iraq.  Trust me.  It will work.  True, we have made mistakes.  No war is perfect.  In the past we

made mistakes in other military endeavors and attempts at nation building.  The people just want to know there

is a plan to solve the problem and get out when it is done.  In my opinion if we don’t give it our full measure of

effort when this plan has an excellent chance of working, the harm done will be immeasurable.  Further, we

should communicate with other countries that this is our plan.  Once we start doing this, the rest of the issues like

oil sharing will be resolved.

I further recommend that you adapt my solutions to prevent suicide bombers, which  was discussed in my

April 22 letter.  With that taken care of, there would be no incidences like the Glascow, Scotland airport suicide

bombing attempt.  It would save many lives including Muslim lives.  Then we would be left with IED’s.  I notice

you are passing out stuffed animals to children as a reward to pointing out these buried devices.  You are also

plating vehicles with thicker armor plating.  This way may only lead to larger explosives.  How about working

on the detonators with frequencies to safely detonate these bombs or cook the receivers to render them harmless

before the vehicle crosses over?  Possibly you are already developing this.

                                                                     Very truly yours,

                                                                      Franklin R. Lacy



Solving social problems is much like solving physical problems.   I list all the 

parameters (considerations)and weight them in importance of impact on the 

problem.  Then I come up with the best overall solution.  It is easy for me.  



I have been asked why I don't run for President.  The answer is I don't have 100 million 

dollars.  I have been married to my darling wife for 47 years, and we have one child 

(born in the back seat of our car) and one grand child.  My age is 69 years, but my 

Mom and Dad lived for 89 and 91 years, respectively.  I have a proven record of 

bringing solutions together and convincing sufficient numbers to support them.  I am 

tenacious and tireless in this effort.  After working up to 17 hours a day, 7 days a 

week, I have enough funds to live on the rest of my life from age 50.  At that point I 

semi-retired, and I have been giving of myself by solving social problems. 


My thoughts are to form a non-profit corporation so any money spent or collected 

toward the support of social solutions will be tax deductible.  The money would be 

very efficiently utilized to support a candidate that will be best suited to solving this 

country's problems in the future whether it is Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary

Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or someone else.

Where are the solutions these career politicians have contributed while

in office?  Promises alone are empty.  Is it just one or two leadership

accomplishments over the past 20 years or is it on-going? The

Presidency isn't for people who have a lot of experience doing very little.

I am not in office and have verifiably solved quite a few national and

international problems and gotten both parties to implement them.

Isn't that what true leadership of our government is all about?