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Contains Proven Personal Results for USSR Demise (1984 - 1989), Welfare Reform (April 1995), Also Medicare/ Medicaid/Healthcare (In works April 9, 2001 - Present), Elderly Rights to life and tax saving/Terri Schiavo (August 27,2004), Social Security, Tort Reform, Sexual Predators (May 23, 2005), Illegal Imigrants (April 7, 2006), Suicide Bombers (April 22, 2007), Greenhouse Gases, Population, Education, Ethanol Hoax, Religion Compatibilities (January 4, 2008)

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Welfare Reform. These Solutions were sent to all governors, The President, and Congress.

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In April 1995 elected Federal officials were saying to just give the Welfare money to the states en mass 

because they couldn’t do any worse a job than the Federal government. In this environment I spent my 

own money to print up sample Welfare Reform Cards much like what has since been adapted in addition 

to advocating working closely with local charities and develop mentoring programs much like what they 

are doing now. I sent out my mailings in April 1995 through February 1996 (Please see the enclosed 

attachment). I even included the true story of Juan, who my late brother mentored from being a drug 

dealer to becoming a responsible citizen. I sent my message to every governor, every U.S. Senator, an 

equal number of U.S. Representatives, Steve Forbes, and Ariana Huffington. My solutions were adapted 

with the Welfare Empowerment Card now being used by every state under a variety of names. Minnesota 

was the first to adapt it. This has saved billions of dollars in welfare fraud by preventing both recipient 

and merchant abuse over the old way of sending out food stamps. My plan along with former Governor 

Tommy Thompson’s ideas is what primarily makes up the current Welfare system.


This is the front and back of my sample Welfare Card 

Sent in 1995 and Early 1996 to All Governors, All 

U.S. Senators, and an Equal Number of U.S. 


Some letters and numbers are in gold or other color. As a result resolution is not as good as the actual card. 

Note on back of card that even in 1995, I was advocating a similar approach to healthcare.


In April 1995 when I first advocated this solution, Federal elected leaders were advocating to give the welfare 

dollars to the state in a lump sum for distribution because they could not do any worse a job than the federal 

government. My ideas and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s ideas evolved into the Welfare 

reforms of today. Please see my enclosed letter, which went with my Welfare Empowerment cards.



                                                                                                      Franklin R. Lacy



                                                                                                      April 15, 1995

Honorable Bob Dole

SH-141 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D. C. 20510-1601


Subject: Welfare and Health Care and Crime Solutions


Dear Senator Dole:

We must bring welfare, health care, crime, and drug solutions into the local

communities. People and their families and their communities are the ones

who know what the most important problems are in their local areas. We need

the resources given directly to the people to accomplish the solutions. It's called

empowerment. The enclosed VISA-type welfare empowerment card will enable

this to happen as well as significantly cut fraud and welfare abuse caused by

providers and recipients. It will replace food stamps, which can be stolen or sold.

It provides an electronic trail and stops wrongful charges against it.


I understand that only one dollar out of every four dollars spent on welfare

goes to the recipient. I also understand that the real success stories come out of

the local communities through small individual efforts on a shoe string budget.

I also understand that there are redundancies; whereas a person can receive food

stamps, sell them, use the money for drugs, and go to local food banks for free

food. There is a solution that will greatly reduce all of this and eliminate the

welfare bureaucracy. Allow taxpayers to take up to 10% of their income as a tax

credit to help low income people in their local area. They can contribute it to low-

income charities, or they can involve their own time in addition to the money to

directly oversee that they are getting the most bang for the buck. The higher

income people will have more money to efficiently utilize for welfare, and they will

tend to accomplish the most good. Higher income people don't tend to waste

money. When they see it is a portion of their own direct income, they will naturally

want to become directly involved in seeing that it is efficiently spent.


The Christian right will love it because it looks very much like tithing. It will

eliminate many welfare and other federal programs, so it should be revenue

shrinking. The majority of poor families have failed in their responsibilities to

their children. The people these kids tend too often to look up to are local drug

dealers, gang leaders, pimps, prostitutes, and mothers on welfare will many 

children. This solution will encourage people of strong moral family values to be 

mentors for these children so that they won't be lost to a life of crime and having 

babies on welfare. This solution of flexible funding will directly solve the problems 

of local areas before they fester and become worse.


This will be quite a contrast from uncaring bureaucrats spending other people's

money and getting their raises and power from how big a dynasty they can amass

at taxpayers’ expense. What little that goes to recipients takes so long that the

cancer of human degradation has festered beyond a cure. The IRS audit is the most 

efficient means we have of keeping the flow of money honest. You still need a

smaller IRS to collect a flat tax. People least want to risk income tax evasion. The 

responsibility for helping people on this extended family basis will evenly be spread 

throughout the population rather than individuals making a career out of amassing 

fortunes through fraud. It will eliminate lobbying in this area. We should try it in a

local region such as Washington State to prove and tweak it for national use. Those 

individuals who don't elect to use this credit will pay the Federal government those

tax dollars which could be shifted to charities in poorer areas in proportion to their 

support by individual taxpayers in their areas based on IRS statistics. The IRS would 

handle the distribution automatically by computer based on average income per

capita possibly also linked to census data.


This proposal would be far freer from fraud than what we have now. Now, the needy

and the greedy and the bureaucrats gobble up, waste, and steal our hard earned tax dollars. 

Under this proposal, responsibility for welfare will be spread amongst all of

the income earners. It's the American way as our country was founded. Those who

earn the money should be able to say how it is spent to help the truly needy and do the

most good in making them productive citizens.


Medical doctors should also be allowed to take a tax credit of up to 10% of their

income to serve the medical needs of the poor and the aged. The doctors could

dispense medicine and services for their credits. Pharmacies could also be involved 

in credits in exchange for prescription drugs. It will prevent a number of dishonest

doctors from milking the system on a full time basis. The load will be spread

throughout the medical community providing the poor with the same quality of service

as everyone else. The doctors will not want to load up bills on an undeserving patient

to gobble up his allowed credits to the exclusion of others who are truly needy. I

talked to several medical doctors about this idea, and they embraced it enthusiastically. 


Hospitals could also participate efficiently based on their income derived from the

choice of paying patients in their local area. If they don't attract local paying patients,

they can't get any federal money, since their tax credits would be based upon

percentage of local income. Obviously they are not running efficiently if they can't

compete for business. The poor and aged shouldn't have anything to do with them

either. There would be a uniformity of excellent service for everyone with the

proportion of poor and aged spread throughout all of the hospitals.


Your country will be grateful for your efforts toward supporting these proposals and

getting these ideas implemented. By saving the 75 cents of every welfare dollar that

does not go to the recipient, there should be considerable savings in taxes. This could

mean a tax cut. Let's not give the money to the states. We'll just get 50 redundant

bureaucracies wasting our tax dollars managed by an overall federal bureaucracy.

What a nightmare!


Enclosed is a true story of Juan. By reading it, you can see how endorsing this

solution will work to solve our social problems and save a lot of money.


                                              Very truly yours,


                                               Franklin R. Lacy








Juan was one of eleven children in a fatherless home. His mother was on welfare while Juan grew up. He was intelligent, but he saw no future that required education. He dropped out of school, sold drugs to support his own drug habit, and fathered two children which he did not support. Juan's children were on welfare. Juan was arrested for selling drugs and spent two years in prison. Juan was one of our welfare systems typical examples. You can imagine the taxpayers' costs as a result of this one life. All with nothing to show for it!

When Juan got out of prison he was 22 years old. He had no place to stay and no prospects for steady employment and a good future. His prospects of repeating his past were high. Then he met my adult niece who brought him home to my brother and his wife of 30 years. It wasn't a boyfriend / girlfriend thing with my niece. Despite Juan's past, they could see his potential. They took Juan into their home where he stayed for over a year. They were mentors for Juan and they instilled in him self-respect and a sense of Christian values. They gave him a good job working in my brother's business and a car. Juan sought out his two children and supports them so they aren't on welfare. More importantly he involves himself in his children's lives and instills in them self respect and the same values he learned from my brother's family. Juan met a woman with three children and fell in love with her. They are living as a family, and Juan is supporting her three children in addition to his own kids. My brother's one direct kind act has salvaged as many as eight lives. Government cannot do this. It must provide the incentives through my solutions to promote individual involvement.



I learned that the Federal Government adopted my sugestion for having charities

distribute much of the Welfare funds instead of the bureaucrats. This occurred in

1996 after receiving my Welfare reform solutions, which included them doing this.

It has been highly successful with a huge saving of money that would otherwise be wasted.

Solving social problems is much like solving physical problems.   I list all the 

parameters (considerations) and weight them in importance of impact on the 

problem.  Then I come up with the best overall solution.  It is easy for me.  



I have been asked why I don't run for President.  The answer is I don't have 100 million 

dollars.  I have been married to my darling wife for 47 years, and we have one child 

(born in the back seat of our car) and one grand child.  My age is 69 years, but my 

Mom and Dad lived for 89 and 91 years, respectively.  I have a proven record of 

bringing solutions together and convincing sufficient numbers to support them.  I am 

tenacious and tireless in this effort.  After working up to 17 hours a day, 7 days a 

week, I have enough funds to live on the rest of my life from age 50.  At that point I 

semi-retired, and I have been giving of myself by solving social problems. 


My thoughts are to form a non-profit corporation so any money spent or collected 

toward the support of social solutions will be tax deductible.  The money would be 

very efficiently utilized to support a candidate that will be best suited to solving this 

country's problems in the future whether it is Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Hillary

Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or someone else.

Where are the solutions these career politicians have contributed while

in office?  Promises alone are empty.  Is it just one or two leadership accomplishments

over the past 20 years or is it on-going? The Presidency isn't for people who have

a lot of experience doing very little. I am not in office and have verifiably solved quite

a few national and international problems and gotten both parties to implement them.

Isn't that what true leadership of our government is all about?